Poison that leads to death : Bonzai

Poison that leads to death : Bonzai

Colloquially ' bonzai ' drug known as life continues to burn . Rapidly spreading among young people in Inegöl chemical drugs to sudden death, serious harm is giving up .

Bonzai which is considered the most dangerous drugs , young people are step closer to death . In Turkey, as well as the use of these toxic substances in Inegeul became widespread. Bonzai teenagers who drink , eyes Inegeul opens at the State Hospital .


Bonzai for internal crisis , entering the hospital if the youth is remarkable that at a young age . Many young people also trained on the school 's uniforms .


This lethal drug harm to young people and to show the people of the county have done your research . In Turkey in 2010 were included in the scope of drugs and among the people ' bonzai ', known as synthetic cannabinoids , chemicals that are internal to the person who is hurting a lot more . Besides the damage to the bonsai causes sudden death .

' DO NOT BE AFRAID , blood tests DILEMMA '

Most users do not even know bonzai is a synthetic substance . First drinkers, ' Do not be afraid , do not appear in blood tests ' are deceived saying . Bonzai more cannabis users prefer cannabis after a while because it is inadequate for the person . Bonzai due to the chemicals ' physical withdrawal ' so-called leaves a strong impact . The user is having an intense fear of death and sees hallucinations .

Bonzai WHAT?

In general on the streets ' bonzai ' called Synthetic Cannabinoids drug under the name actually consists of many ingredients . These substances completely chemical adsorption to the dried leaves of certain plants are held . To determine the effects of synthetic Kannobionid experiments on humans and animals are marketed without . Chemicals toxic properties of these substances on human health damage caused by the naming of the Herbal products are not harmful to health perception is aimed to develop .


Typical feeling and sense of cannabis users , as well as pursuit and trial purposes in the form of user profiles is also available . After use of cannabis in people leave an impact similar to but more potent than marijuana is . Nausea and vomiting, hypertension , imbalances in the heart rhythm , which makes constant destruction was determined in kidneys . New biological damage is determined by the day . Weakening in perception towards the environment , easy to be oriented , visual imagination and events detection problem behaviors are seen as extreme reactions .


People who use drugs in the first loss of balance, then slowly becomes temporary blindness and loss of consciousness . Then you can experience a loss of time and space , where you can forget what you're doing is fine normally but you try to remember something that you know is impossible to remember . Even if you can not install sentences . Are you just trying to breathe . You can not be close to death . Your heart is over- hit . Many effects have been experienced due to the cases of death .

23.01.2014 / Genç Gazete



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