1-Mortgage system to the benefit of consumers what? Being released in conjunction with passed life on the agenda of future interest. Customers will benefit from the system fixed or variable interest rates that can choose among. With variable interest loans, housing loan interest rate for not having to wait for the fall.

Is there a risk of 2-variable interest rate? - Bank of the Central Bank of the base will be determined by the index. Interest rate margin over the index of prices will participate in will be made. Customer will use the index and margin rate in the contract will take place. Variable interest rate, the maximum contract rate will be determined at the start. Interest rates will fall down at the consumers installments. The rise of interest in the case of the payment amount specified in the contract as maximum rates to rise. Customers, interest in details about the effects of credit will be notified.

3-Mortgage system is turned off early in the credits that would result in an additional cost right? - Draft and criticisms contained in an application to the target in question. According to this practice, fixed-interest consumer loans in the use of 2 percent commission will pay off early. Any cost to the consumer that is reflected in the early closure does not exist. Therefore, consumers using variable and fixed-interest loans to pay attention to these elements is required.

4-Do you have the advantage of the system cost? - Initial phase difference in the cost of the customer in question will not be. Over time, depending on the development of secondary markets, banks will finance more easily. In this process, depending on the appropriate economic conditions decline in interest rates may come into question. Residential mortgage credit system that gives all banks are about to complete the preparations.

5-Mortgage will be under construction in houses have a requirement? - System under the floor of the deed of easement as well as the unfinished housing loans for houses that can be taken. Compliance with earthquake regulations were made and acquired residential mortgage system of housing will be eligible for. This system will not be required every home. First, be obliged to search for suitable reconstruction. Bank will review about home, the loan will be eligible to have.

6 In the process, housing prices will rise? - The last period of low interest rates and maturities that occurred in the elongation of housing demand is increasing. Therefore, the increase in prices in question. After passage of the system life in parallel with increasing demand in prices could fall agenda. Housing prices and rents are shaped according to the supply-demand balance.

Mortgage system with 7-used housing loans from banks is the difference between? - The system of interest rates on housing loans has a direct effect. According to the bank determines the interest rates market conditions. View table of interest rates today compared to the cost seems reasonable. General interest rate according to the course of the bank will also make prices. According to the mortgage system to be taken home to 25 percent down payment amount will.

8-How will the impact on the market? - The system, interest rates on housing loans will not be a direct effect. However, the consumer is concerned with the use of variable-interest loans for housing purchases fall in interest rates will not need wait.

9-under mortgage to buy a home has been entered financial distress can be sold? - Two host a monthly installment payment be recognized for some time. Debt payments until then be given back at home will be sold by the bank. 10 years after paying a house payment that can be transferred to someone else. But for that remaining debt as a percent of the penalty must be paid 2sinin. Credit was turned off, it would be possible to sell the house mortgage is removed. In case the debt off early 2 percent commission will be taken up.

Tax exemption will be 10-Do? - Economy and finance ministers made comments about the tax exemption or not to go to the left. However, those who have a housing project in no more than 100 thousand TLden condition that they receive a second housing is planned to remain outside the tax.

How will the 11-payment plan? - Housing must be paid in advance 25inin percent. For example, consumers 30 years in the field 150 TLlik a house will pay approximately 700 thousand TL. Under this table, the monthly interest rate 1.2, maturity 30 years, the total amount to be paid TL 699,647 in total interest payable and monthly payment from 549 thousand 647 thousand 943 TL.

12-House which may also benefit? - The system will be open to everyone. Past and current credit does not have negative performance, with net income will be paid monthly house payment documents may be able to benefit everyone.

13-to note what the issues? - Citizens, primarily in the budget and payment plan can be paid to how payment should be determined. Credit terms should be examined well. Housing in the context of the law should look at compliance. Financial institutions pay attention to the persons purchasing power and economic obligations should be kept under control expenditures. Fair price of housing should be properly identified.

14-What type of housing may be taken? - All kinds of housing available for purchase. Home mortgage desired, at least alternately to the condominium was completed as a condition to search 80i per cent.

Are all costs will be met 15-Home? - System to take advantage of the cost of housing as a down payment of 25 percent will be paid to the vendor. Household demand for credit insurance in case of failure to pay the installments will be. At the same time a natural disaster insurance, life insurance and be done.

How to handle 16-System? - Those who want to buy a house or a direct loan broker will help. Issuing credit institution, the portfolio included in the contract documents valuable tool or special mortgages Let to sell to financial institutions. Mortgage finance institution, the agreement of both domestic and foreign investors to raise funds by selling. Funds from financial institutions that provide credit to get a new contract will serve as the source. In the latest phase, financial institutions liquidity in the market to solve the problem by helping to ensure the systems growth.

17-mortgage loans will come from? - Residential mortgage loans which the banks will continue to do the activity. By the BRSA in housing finance activities of financial leasing companies, and appropriate finance companies can be established. In this context re-financing of loans used to finance the loans under the housing will be.

If problems occur with 18-Base How to be resolved? - Consumers, housing and credit related to any objection made to the Consumer Courts. The company sold or used for housing loan companies in the Consumer Courts to be disappointed not to litigate.

19-system, other than residential mortgage collateral will be asked? - Financial institution payments, or to connect to a valuable paper by guaranteed commercial papers to accept the receipt will be banned. However from the consumer if the consumer will be a valuable document, this document may reclaim from housing finance institutions. The transfer of these documents in case of injury suffered against the consumer will have to be. Loan repayment amounts in leasing transactions in excess of the rent of the principal interest in this context be considered.

20-What is the risk of this system? - A country with a serious crisis in the market place or in the event of stability of the system disorder in question can be damaged. Banks, consumer-to YTL weighted long-term loans, such as 10-30 years can give. Banks and short-term foreign currency debt is largely. In case of an extraordinary crisis in the economy, foreign exchange rates and interest rates will increase the cost of the increase in the bank. Such a table sets the bank, if, under the Consumer Act or the debt to close early or interest, such as the upgrade can not be printed. First, insurance is engaged. Insurance, shall pay the unpaid installments. Debtor after the normal payment to the insurance company will pay the debt.


Application must be made in 1.Tüketic Credit : Consumer demand for credit , which must apply in person to the bank . Startup procedure is simple and lending institutions are taking more time . The purpose of the loan must be within the framework of legal and moral values ​​, but also should not contrary to the bank's policy . Usually arranged by a bank loan application forms for this purpose are passed . The said forms may vary among banks .

2 Consumer Loan Application Form , Credit into the hands of authorities to Give :

Consumer credit application form is taken personally . Bank officials check that the form is correctly filled in and complete any incomplete or incorrect , and should correct them immediately . Future credit application form because of a lack or failure to follow-up may lead to serious problems if you fall . Credit transactions direction while continuing to fix the shortcomings in the application is the task of loan officer .

3 Consumer loans to be interviewed by the applicant :

By this stage, many lending institutions are considered as the most important step . In general , the talks conducted face to face , to recover the information provided by the applicant is complete and needs to be clarified . Interview duration of the requested loan amount, type and rate the information provided by the applicant may vary . The largest share of the success of the meeting has authorized the bank .

4 Consumer Application Documents to be received from the client :

Consumers who apply for documents to be taken from the customer vary between banks , but usually are the following :

Consumer credit application form,

Applicant and guarantor photocopy of their identity card ,

In the case of the applicant and the guarantor of the fee received from the workplace and workplace stamp and signature of the officer carrying a copy payslips , if any, evidence is his wife's income and other income ,

In the event of the borrower and the guarantor company partner , partner's intelligence bulletin ,

The debtor is a legal entity or a first-class case of bookkeeping , tax authorities with the approved balance sheet for the last three years of accounts document ,

If the company is a legal entity of the Borrower concerning the establishment of a photocopy of the Trade Registry Gazette ,

 If taken as collateral mortgages , real estate and title copy of the appraisal report ,

 Car loans , vehicle proforma invoice ,

Used car loans , automobile insurance and license photocopy of the vehicle is taken.

Banking law , in accordance with a certain amount exceeding credit transactions and cash , deposits, government bonds, treasury bills, treasury bail having a bond with the gold pledged against loans granted from the account status document may not be taken .

5 Consumer Credit Lenders by the applicant to the Authority Investigation of Accuracy of Information Provided :

Primarily in the research in question the applicant's previous relationship with the bank is examined. The amount of the person's bank account , the account is opened and for how long the account is carried out in the manner such issues are examined.

Also if you have previously taken loans are paid back in what they , the amount claimed and what purposes they are also determined . Finally, the loan applicant's current employment status, place of residence in the stability of the situation in the previous work , the assets that have to be done on the state of research issues.

Home Loan Interest Rates (Updated: 20-01-2014 )

Bank Name             5 Year Interest Rates      10 Year Interest Rates

DD Mortgage           %0,93                              %0,93

 Ziraat Bankası        %0,91                              %0,93

 Yapı Kredi               %0,92                              %0,94

 Halkbank                %0,94                               %0,97
 Teb                         %0,99                              %0,99

 İş Bankası              %0,99                              %0,99

 ABank                    %1,04                              %1,04

 Finansbank           %1,03        

 Vakıfbank               %0,99                              %1,05

 Denizbank             %1,07                              %1,07

 KuveytTürk            %1,02                              %1,07

 Albaraka Türk        %1,02                              %1,08

 Garanti Bankası    %1,08                              %1,09
 Türkiye Finans      %1,05                              %1,09

 Akbank                  %1,09                              %1,09

 Fibabank               %1,09                              %1,09

 Anadolubank         %1,15                              %1,15

 Ing Bank               %1,19                              %1,19

Şekerbank             %1,19                              %1,19

 HSBC                   %1,15                              %1,20

 Tekstilbank           %1,15                               %1,25


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