To Buy and To Sell & Real Estate Guide

Things to Pay Attention to When Buying Immovable Property

-First of all, you have to determine if certain property will serve your needs

-Check how far is the property from your work, school, downtown, and what kind of transportation is available

-If the property fulfills all your requirements, do not forget to examine the title deed; also find out if the building is up to the Earthquake Guidelines standards, and if the building plan has been inspected and authorized

-If the property is a commercial space or an apartment, find out if it has been rented out; what is the lease term, and if the property owes any money to the building

-Find out what the building’s monthly expenses are; the buildings age, type of heating system, condition of plumbing and heating installations, general condition of the premises, security, noise and thermal insulation, parking space, building’s surroundings, front and back yard if applies

Legal Procedure When Buying
In order for purchase to be legal, both sides involved in the transaction need to sign the purchase/sale contract in front of the Registry Office Clerk. If the sides involved are individuals, they need to submit their birth certificates, and 2 legal document size photographs. If one of the individuals is a representative, they have to have Power of Attorney in addition to before mentioned items. If one of the sides is a corporate body, they need to have proof of registration with Commercial Registry Office (Ticaret Sicil Memurlugu) in form of a document, and verified and signature by notary public (imza sirkuleri). After the director of Registry Office confirms that the seller is indeed the legal owner himself/herself, director will delegate the case to the Registry Office Clerk.

The clerk examines submitted documents. If there are no legal obstacles, the clerk will calculate legal fees based on the property value, and prepare all the bills. After the bills had been paid, the purchase document gets prepared. The purchase document gets read and signed in front of the director of Registry Office. If one of the sides (buyer/seller) involved in the transaction cannot read and write, the document gets read in front of two witnesses, finger print is used instead of the signature of illiterate person, and written statement of the witnesses is taken.

Other Situations in Which Witness is Used:
If one of the sides is illiterate, deaf, blind, mute, there is suspicion in somebodys identity, or if the person has a trustee or guardian who handles the affairs of that person. If one of the sides does not speak Turkish, sworn translator is used.

The Registry Office employees cannot be witnesses in above mentioned situations. Witness and translator have to be literate, mentally competent adults. After the director of Registry Office signs the title deed, the transaction is completed.

What is Promise to Sell Agreement?
That is the agreement of sell and purchase between the two sides: seller and buyer. This agreement clearly states conditions of the transaction such as the property price. The agreement needs to be prepared by the notary public, and both sides need to give verbal affirmation in front of the Registry Office clerk that they accept the agreement in full. This agreement can be described as pre-agreement of the purchase contract.

Promise of Sell Agreement is valid if prepared by notary public.

Can Foreign Citizens Own Immovable Property in Turkey ?

International law recognizes the right of each country to choose whether or not will allow purchase of immovable property by foreign citizens. In Turkey foreign citizens can buy immovable property within the prescribed limitations. Based on the constitutional law’s item 16 - Basic Rights and Freedoms, and Immovable Property Law’s (Tapu Kanun) item 35, foreign citizens can buy immovable property in Turkey with limitations, and if the reciprocity principle exists. Reciprocity principle prescribes that citizen of a foreign country can buy immovable property in Turkey , if a Turkish citizen can buy immovable property in that foreign citizen’s country.

Restrictions to the Purchase by Foreigners

-Foreign citizens cannot purchase property in military zones or zones of importance for national security
-According to Village Law (Koy Kanunu), foreign citizens cannot purchase property in villages
-According to Item 36 of Immovable Property Law (Tapu Kanun), with the exception of inheritance, foreign citizens can own more than 30 hectares of land out of villages or independent farm only by special government permission
-Foreign citizens that can be given special consideration if the reciprocity principle does not exist are refugees, under the condition that they resided in Turkey at least 3 years

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