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Determining Real Estate Price - Points to Pay Attention to / Assessment


In the world and Turkey modern techniques are being employed in an attempt to assess property on the market. Main techniques are as follows:

1) Coast Method: This method is based on presumption that the purchaser is not likely to pay much more than the coast of the property is

2) Market Value: This method compares property with properties of similar sale price on the market in an attempt to determine its value

3) Usage Improvement: This method examines all possible ways of property usage that may bring profit, and bases property value on the highest profit possible

4) Financial Method:This method is taking in consideration both future and present value of the property, as well as profit from re-investment of funds earned from immediate sale. It offers discount in relation to future property’s value taking in consideration profit that funds from immediate sale may bring.

Criteria to Keep on Mind:

·  1) Year of building instruction and its size

·  2) Borders and size of the plot

·  3) Heating system and parking space existence

·  4) Accessibility

·  5) Where it is facing (N/W/S/E) and the floor

·  6) Total number of apartments in the building

·  7) The view

·  8) Facilities for common usage

·  9) Whether or not the apartment is currently occupied by renter/s

·  10) Fire stairs and security

·  11) Hydrophore (pressure tank for water supply) and generator

·  12) Number of rooms and practical usage

·  13) Existence and practicability of balconies

·  14) Position and practicability of living room (connection to other rooms)

·  15) Construction class

·  16) Quality of material used for interior and exterior of building

·  17) Backyard/front yard and surrounding area

·  18) Sound and thermal insulation

·  19) Earthquake resistance

·  20) Stability of the building’s base

Our advice is to compare your chosen property with similar properties in the vicinity; it will help you in making an informed decision.

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