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07 Antalya Villas real estate was born from the deficiency in professional understanding of real estate in Turkey. Our goal is to see 07 AntalyaVillas Real Estate Investment Counselling among 4 leading real estate companies in Turkey, and as a promoter of Turkish property beyond Turkish borders.

It is clear that next 15 years will be years of Turkish property, and that with every passing day foreign investment in this area will grow. For this reason our focus will be predominantly beyond Turkish borders.

We have been active in real estate sector for eight years, and we believe we will achieve this together with dynamic people who adhere to our principles and want to work with us.

07 Antalya Villas is an enterprise that can be trusted; enterprise that with its principles established a modern, flawless real estate system. You can consult us regarding all real estate maters, and be sure you will receive a complete service.

Taking advantage of technology, we aim at providing services that are above Turkish standards in the area of professionalism and classic renting.

Our understanding of professionalism is keeping in the first plan interest for our clients needs, service quality, and appreciation for our clients not only during the sale process, but on ongoing basis – by organizing varies social activities and surprises.

To infuse our customers with trust and to take under 07 Antalya Villas protection property that is being sold.

To complete all our work in a clear and timely manner, to be able to promptly access different sale systems with success.


· Financing Consultancy

· Investment Consultancy

· Professional Evaluation

· Market Research

· Project Consultancy

· e-commerce

· Construction Types of Properties and Services

· Apartments

· Housing Complexes

· Villas · Building Plots

· land

· business Offices

· Markets

· Factories

· Tourisict Facilities

To do mediation for projects that are leaning against properties with Corporate and professional real estate understanding. Always ready to satisfy our clients with expert, trustworthy, and experienced consulting in the real estate-constructions area.

Yours Faitfully..

07 Antalya Villas Constructions Real Estate

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